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Developed by Risk Professionals for Risk Professionals. Intelli-Probe, Inc. ® is a competitively priced, fully integrated multi-use Risk Management Information System (RMIS), Claims Management Information System (CMIS), and Anti- Fraud System (S.I.U.) Used by risk professionals since 1994, it is validated daily in the real world risk environment. Intelli-probe software was upgraded in 2012 to the new version 2.0. This will serve the current needs and demands of today’s ever evolving industry. Running on Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9, Intelli-Probe has powerful data handling and search capabilities for maximum productivity and analysis with increased system flexibility. It can be used  for multiple line insurance claims, multiple line self-insurance claims, both private and public. It can also be bridged to mainframe systems for collateral uses such as the Anti-Fraud (S.I.U.) module.


  • Internal & external fraud screening & analysis
  • Closed system with internal and external security
  • User designed -Proven & tested software
  • Full service claims administration services
  • Risk management & loss control features
  • Financial tracking
  • Customized queries & reports using Windows
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Internal & external report writing & graphics


  • Risk managers
  • Self-Insurance - public entities
  • Self-Insurance - private companies
  • Insurance companies - all lines
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Independent claims adjusters
  • Insurance brokers

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Multi Use Risk Management/Claims Management Information System

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Intelli-Probe, Inc.®

Multi Use Risk Management/Claims Management information system.